FilmSharks Int’l is a company founded by professionals with vast experience in international business, mainly in the marketing, release and distribution of films and audiovisual content.

To position, release and distribute audiovisual productions mainly produced in Iberia and America and the rest of the world, through our sales-team , business partners, client–portfolio, contact-networks & joint ventures in the 5 continents .In our catalogue, that is increasing daily, you will find a wide range of Indy productions.
Feature films, documentaries, TV series and documentary series the core of our catalogue.

We strongly believe that the new world is being built by everyone’s work, from the individual to the society as a whole. This is a necessary step in achieving an integrated society in a diverse and globalize world . Our communication tool: the productions that reflect us.
We want to change and encourage the growing opening of the ‘world public’, to watch productions that not only use American story-models and budgets .This can be seen with the high rate of indy productions made by skilful directors mentioned and prized at many Class A and B worldwide Film-Festivals .

From our action range we are able to generate cultural, social and economical impacts as we have the opportunity distribute high concept productions, with contents that are able to show the existence of different cultures worldwide from different perspectives and therefore open the gates to more consume, investment and international co-productions.
Another important impact is the power that films have to interest potential foreign tourism to visit our countries, and our tourist, cultural and artistic attractions.

Even though many companies don’t value or make ethics codes to be respected, every single individual at FilmSharks Int’l deeply believes in our ethics code for the development of a healthy company and a long commercial life, which cares for human and business relationships.

Main Points:
Promote a suitable working atmosphere through the use of clear rules and fair working contracts.
Promote an anti discriminatory policy against different ethnic groups, religions, genders, beliefs and personal values.
We don’t accept nor make gifts , we don’t give benefits or souvenirs with the aim of influencing strategies, tactics or decisions. This policy includes: customers, producers, business-partners and interested groups .
Legal Benefit policy and confidential managing of privileged information, respecting the interests of our clients, producers, business-partners, and others.
Freedom of Speech policy for film distribution that respects every cultural and artistic expression and point of view.
We keep a confidential code with our producers, business-partners and customers, caring for their interests, development and their competitiveness in the global market.
A Green Company policy is used in the selection of our operative strategy: that takes care of ecology, society and their cultures.
We Select the contents to be distributed having in mind that our children and grandchildren live, and will live in this world developed by us every day.


What is FilmSharks Int’l?
It is world sales company operating worldwide which distributes audiovisual content of fiction and documentaries mainly produced by independent co.

Which types of productions are distributed?
We distribute feature films, documentaries, TV series, TV documentary series, Animation series and animation films.
We do not distribute shorts.

Does FilmSharks pre-sell productions in development?
Yes, we start working with at the development stage with scripts provided by production co. We help them finance their projects as long as they have strong marketing points and/or a strong subject and a interesting point of view.

How can i apply for FilmSharks became my distributor?
You must send us a screener in VHS or DVD subtitled to English attaching a letter that details: the film synopsis , cast, crew, shooting format (i.e HD),screening format (i.e. 35mm.), aspect ratio, budget in US Dollars and the details copyright ownership.

>Our reception address is :
FILMSHARKS INT’L, Av. Díaz Vélez 4323, Buenos Aires (1200), Argentina.

In addition we suggest you e-mail us at: to get a receipt confirmation. Our professional staff will evaluate the material and will get in touch with you ASAP.

Does FilmSharks buy the rights or becomes a sales agent?
Both according to the case. FilmSharks can become legally the exclusive international sales agent or can buy the rights to distribute it worldwide with the payment of royalties.

In which language must be the production?
This is not a condition for distribution. We need to have the “Music and Effects” (M&E) in the case dubbing is necessary, and the “dialogue list” with time code (TC) to subtitle.

What is the price of a production?
Every territory and rights has a price or MG (Minimum Guarantee) according to the production, it’s subject, it’s point of view and it’s marketing points.
We focus in maximizing the incomes and revenues of our catalogue with a long term team philosophy in order to achieve better goals.

How does FilmSharks position, promote and commercialize it’s catalogue?
FilmSharks can manage the international release at the most important int’l film festivals where the world press and buyers assist to our screenings.
We have our own international sales team and partners.
At the same time we promote the material at different international media exhibitions.

What are the quality requirements of the different markets?
There are variations, always inside the recognized international quality standards. The standards are higher everyday.
Having the masters in HD (high definition) for video editions or broadcasting has become a standard to be followed.

Av. Diaz Velez 4323 , Buenos Aires (1200 ) , Argentina