Comedy | Thriller | 2000 | ARG | 85 min

Cristian Bernard & Flavio Nardini

Cast: Sergio Baldini; Gerardo Chendo; Diego Mackenzie; Claudio Rissi; Sol Alac; Fernando Cía; Carlos Lanari; Laura Melnizki; Ricardo Lázara; Luis Albornoz; Martín Slipak


Film tells a 3-friend story and their shared dream throughout 3 key moments . It all starts in 1976 when they are kids with the coming of age and the discovery of Wanda , a sex symbol that sexually awakens them. Next in 1989 , the still highly famous sex symbol , Wanda , is suspected of prostitution and while planing the bachelor party of one of the 3 friends , a lucky drug business shows up and motivates them out to make cash to start a frenzy chase after the acclaimed Wanda to celebrate it. But this agitated adventure ends up unexpectedly in 2003.

Festivals | Highlights

Int’l Premiere at SAN SEBASTIAN / BAFICI

San Sebastian


Reviews : “…para devorar inmediatamente” - El Mundo / “…saben construir sus diálogos” – Diario Vasco / IMDB Score 7.2 / MTV Movie Awards: People’s Choice Nominee Cult Status Achieved: among the 5 Argentinian films to see!

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