A Boyfriend for My Wife

Comedy | Romance | 2008 | ARG | 96 min.

Juan Taratuto

Cast: Adrian Suar; Valeria Bertuccelli; Gabriel Goity


'El tenso' doesn't know how to deal with his wife, 'La Tana', to say that he wants to divorce. She lives constantly cranky and protesting about everything. 'El Tenso' gets 'The Raven Flores' , an old fashioned latino irresistible seducer to seduce his wife until she falls in love with him, and therefore she leaves 'El Tenso'…


From the Producers of 'El hijo de la novia / The son of the bride' and 'Luna de Avellaneda' ; Juan Taratuto (No Sos Vos, Soy Yo; ¿Quién Dice Que Es Fácil?);Adrian Suar(Comodines; Cohen vs. Rosi; Apariencias; El hijo de la novia; El día que me amen) ; Valeria Bertuccelli (Luna de Avellaneda; La Antena; Extraño; XXY; Lluvia), Gabriel Goity (Un Argentino en Nueva York; Buena Vida Delivery; Tremendo Amanecer)

Festivals | Highlights

IP AFI Fest 2008 / Euro Prem Göteborg iff 2009

Goteborg AFI Fest


La Nacion: Our opinion: very good. Clarin: an ace up its sleeve. Brilliant performance by Valeria Beruccelli in John Taratuto's 'A boyfriend for my wife, as the neurotic wife of Adrian Suar.

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