A Heroe’s Journey to The West

Animation | 2024 | China | 84mins

Directed by Phil Nibbelink (The Fox And The Hound) and written by James Felder (Ultimate Spider-Man



Based on the Chinese classic “Journey To The West”. Story follows a brave and fun monkey as he struggles for survival in the forest and hopes the world will teach him what he needs to know to be a better protector of those he loves.


From the producer’s of Asian Smash hit’s “Too Cool to Kill” and “Hello Mr. Billionaire” Produced by Jon Chiew (“Too Cool to Kill” and “Hello Mr. Billionaire”) and Walter A McDaniel (a comic book artist who has contributed to films including Deadpool and Batman) . Lorenzo Paoli (Gnomeo And Juliet) as production designer and CG supervisor Igor Lodeiro (Kung Fu Panda 3).

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