A Singular Crime

Crime | Thriller | 2022 | ARG | 113 mins

Lucas Combina

Cast: Nicolas Francella (El Cuento de las Comadrejas; En la mira), Darío Grandinetti (Relatos Salvajes; Francisco), Matias Mayer (IOSI: El Espía Arrepentido), Luis Luque (Tiempo de Valientes; El Robo del Siglo)


A gripping thriller based on a criminal event that took place in 1980: the intriguing disappearance of a wealthy businessman in the city of Rosario, during the military dictatorship. The investigation is led by two young clerks of an examining court, a few weeks before one of them emigrates to Spain. In a race against time, both jurists will try to solve the case while facing the interference of a police subordinated to the repressive power.

Festivals | Highlights

Goya Winner: Chinese Takeway, Black Snow; Tini | Goya-Platino Winner: Turu, The Wacky Hen.


“The Usual Suspects” meets “Zodiac” | Based on the Best-Selling Novel by Reynaldo Sietecase (Penguin Random House) | From the multi-awarded producer of The Games Maker, Chinese Takeway, Black Snow & Tini | Dist. in LATAM Warner Bros. Pictures - Accurate and effective, it achieves its objective to narrate the crime framed within the historical context of the last military dictatorship - Escribiendo Cine - The film is effective but cautious, its mise en scène never digs into the moral darkness to the depths that film noir came to erode - La Nacion - With a well-constructed story, the film avoids falling into the sordidness of noir and instead uses humor and wit to approach the police procedural with a local imprint. - Otros Cines - The script offers moments of levity, romance, and twists, that in addition to Mayer's character, point to an intelligent case resolution. - Clarin

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