A Stroke of Luck

Comedy | 2016 | Spain | 91

Nacho G. Velilla

Cast: Carmen Machi, Leo Harlem, Carlos Santos, Belen Cuesta, Carmen Ruiz.


Inspired in true events a town called in reality VillaViciosa, happens to have a group of husbands that have or had the winner ticket of the major lottery prize to finally solve all their financial issues, but shortly discover they left the lottery ticket inside a brothel under the class of the prostitutes, but it's a bit too late as the News are all around the town to interview the winner and the worse part is that their grumpy wives are smelling something weird .


Carmen Machi (Broken Embraces, Mi Gran Noche, I' So Exited, El Bar), Leo Harlem (Torrente 5), Belen Cuesta (Ocho Apellidos Catalanes, Kiki, Love to Love), Carmen Ruiz (Crimen Ferpecto, Torrente 3: El Protector, Mi Gran Noche)

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