Action | Thriller | 1998 | ARG | 104 min. Color

Néstor Montalbano

Cast: Oscar Martinez  , Jorge Marrale  , Leticia Bredice , Dora Baret & Jorge Rivera López


Julio and The Polaco were friends since childhood in there little town.Julio was a nice normal boy, in the opposite the Polaco was naughty and mean.After many years Julio returns from USA and meets back his childhood friend, converting him once again into his accomplice.


Nestor Montalbano (Soy tu aventura) ; Jorge Marrale (Las manos) ; Leticia Bredice ( 9 reinas) ; Oscar Martinez (El nido vacio , by Daniel Burman )

Festivals | Highlights

Winner : Best Actor Jorge Marrale at the Condor (Arg. Critics asoc.)

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