Almost Legends

Comedy | Music | 2017 | Argentina Spain | 116 min

Gabriel Nesci

Cast: Santiago Segura (Torrente Saga, Hellboy II), Diego Peretti (No Kids, The German Doctor, Paper in the Wind) and Diego Torres (Papers in the Wind, Extranos en la Noche).


Axel (Santiago Segura), a peculiar Spanish guy, goes on a search for his former bandmates in Buenos Aires. 25 years ago they formed a musical band that was about to be famous but for some mysterious reason never made it. Axel now is going to have to reconnect with Javier (Diego Peretti), a teacher who cannot communicate with his teen son, and Lucas (Diego Torres), a conceited lawyer who loses his job all of a sudden. A double challenge awaits them: to be the band they always dreamed of, and as if that were not enough, to solve their dire lives.


Santiago Segura (Torrente Saga, Helboy III Muertos de Risa ), Diego Peretti (No Kids, Wakolda/The German Doctor, No Kids) and Diego Torres (Papers in the Wind, Extranos en la Noche).


Script its clockwork that takes it's time to develop all characters and plot with very smart and funny dialogues . CINES ARGENTINOS / Matías Lértora When Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman) tells Bill (David Carradine) at Kill-Bill Vol. 2 (2004) that she is a 'music fan' , he responds 'Aren't we all are?' . Director's understand this statement to perfection . Diego Alvarez / CUATRO BASTARDOS A Comedy to enjoy and also to thinks about today's capitalism reality against it's culture and life paradigms .Martín Chiavarino / a sala llena


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