An Unexpected Love

Comedy | Romance | 2018 | ARG | 129min. | Spanish

Juan Vera

Cast: Ricardo Darin, Mercedes Moran, Claudia Fontan, Jean Pierre Noher, Luis Rubio, Juan Minujin, Andrea Pietra, Claudia Lapaco, Norman Briski, Gabriel Corrado, Chico Novarro,


Marcos and Ana (50) have been married for twenty-five years. One day, the couple enters a deep existential crisis and decides to split up. The single life seems intense and fascinating at first, but sooner or later it will become monotonous to her, and almost a nightmare to him.


Juan Vera (2+2 ; Just like me ) ; Ricardo Darin ( Nine Queens ; Son of the Bride ; Wild Tales ) ; Mercedes Moran ( Neruda ; LA Cienaga). Produced by Patagonik ( Nine Queens ; Son of the Bride , No Kids) . LATAM DIST . Buena Vista Int'l BOX OFFICE HIT 750.000 adm. / Spanish Dist. Filmax

Festivals | Highlights

Intl Premiere at San Sebastian iff - Opening film at the Competition.

San Sebastian


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