Arthouse | Comedy | 2001 | ARG | 92 min color

Sergio Bizzio

Cast: Carlos Roffé ,Christina Banegas ,Carolina Fal ,Walter Quiroz & José María Monje


In the aristocratic farm of the happy married Albert and Natalie is where interrupts Albert´s real love of his life.Her name:Fanny; Genre:Female;specie:goat. Fanny becomes the new 'femme fatal' of the farm causingmadness, jealousy and obsessions.


Sergio Bizzio ( XXY , Adios querida Luna ; Humo ) ; Carlos Roffe (Valentin ; Un mundo menos peor ) ; Cristina Banegas ( Gemini ; El delantal Lili) ; Carolina Fal (Un buda ; monobloc )

Festivals | Highlights

WINNER: Best Opera Prima INCAA, Argentina//WINNER: Best Foreign Film at New York IFF USA // Buenos Aires film fest


A wealthy man falls madly in love with a sheep in Argentine novelist-playwright Sergio Bizzio's directing bow 'Animal,' a surreal black comedy with overtones of Bunuel. Intermittently funny and macabre while taking a good poke at the useless upper classes, the prize-winning screenplay loses some of its irony through pedestrian screen work and acting. Pic is most noteworthy for a handful of startling, barely offscreen scenes of bestiality, which come off deadly serious. Lacking the transgressive sensuality of a filmmaker like Walerian Borowczyk, or the comforting explanation that the hero is a loony, these scenes are hard to mesh with the film's generally farcical tone and could be a little disturbing to the hip arthouse viewers to whom pic is addressed. Subject matter should nonetheless stir up some interest on various offshore video shelves.By DEBORAH YOUNG -VARIETY

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