Dark Buildings (A Crack In The Wall)

Thriller | Suspense | 2018 | Argentina Spain | In Post

Nicolas Gil Lavedra

Cast: Oscar Martinez, Joaquín Furriel, Soledad Villamil, Santiago Segura, Laura Novoa, Sara Salamo


When the beautiful Leonor arrives at the study of architecture 'Borla and Associates' looking for Nelson Jara; Mario Borla, Marta Hovart and Pabló Simo, the oldest architect of the construction, claim to ignore that name completely. But they're all lying. The truth begins to unfold through the memories of Pablo Simó, who three years ago took care of this case personally at the request of Marta and under the approval of Mario Borla himself. Pablo must carry on the unpleasant work of dealing with Nelson Jara, a man who claims them for a crack in his wall, caused by a work under construction. But the fear and nervousness in the three architects for the arrival of Leonor and his question 'What happened to Nelson Jara?, evidence something much darker and suspicious than what you can see at first glance.


Oscar Martinez (The Distinguished Citizen; Paulina, Wild Tales), Joaquín Furriel (El Patrón, radiografia de un Crimen, El faro de las orcas), Villamil Soledad (The Secret in Their eyes), Santiago Segura (Torrente Saga, Helboy III, Muertos de Risa).

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