Arthouse | Thriller | 2006 | Argentina Spain | 102 min

Miguel Pereira

Cast: Tristán Ulloa, Carolina Román, Mimí Ardú, Tukuta Gordillo, Tomás Lipán, Daniela Carril, Titina Gaspar & Ruben Fleita.


A foreign man on the run wearing a priest´s cassock seeks refuge in a God forsaken village in the north of Argentina.There is a chance that he might really find the asylum he longs for,but only if he accepts the role the villagers assign to him...Irony and black humor in a story about the destiny we try to change...


Miguel Pereira (Le deuda interna-Silver Bear at Berlinale) ; Tristan Ulloa (Volveras ; Lucia y el sexo ) . Based on the book 'El hombre que llego a un pueblo / the man who came to a Village' by Hector Tizon.

Festivals | Highlights

Winner 41°Karlovy Vary IFF (WP & Ecumenic Prize) / Winner Valladolid IFF (Audience Prize)//Pusan IFF//Franckfurt iff//Desert nights Rome// Haifa iff 2007

Karlovy Vary

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