Evil Woman

Arthouse | Suspense | 2013 | Argentina France | 90 min.

Israel Adrian Caetano

Cast: Liz Solari; Florencia Raggi; Maria Duplaa; Brenda Gandini; Ana Celentano; Juana Viale & Rafael Ferro.


Rosario is thirty years old and a paid assassin who takes justice in her own hand. For money she kills men who mistreat or abuse other women, regardless of their class status or political reasons. She is methodic, careful, perfectionist, but she was not so ten years ago when she started out and her murders were as brutal as they were slovenly, being driven by hatred. There is a reason, at least, for Rosario to be like this. It is a secret hidden in a kaleidoscope she never parts with. Little by little she turned into a myth and her murders became more and more precise, cold-blooded and better paid. Her fame grew in the press as well as the number of police agents after her and the amount of the reward offered for her. Women seek her as if she were a saint so that she can put an end to their misery, whether it is for justice or for a fare. Until one night the police track her down and capture her after frantic chase. In jail two male agents, who might as well be every man and every policeman, beat her up and torture her. It's the end of the myth. But someone bails her out; it is MARÍA, a hysteric invalid ever since her husband RODRIGO left her for another woman for she had not given him a child. María, who can pull the strings in the higher circles of power, will save Rosario in exchange for a different job in order to get back at Rodrigo. Rosario has no choice: her freedom and the kaleidoscope she longs to recover are in María's hands. Now Rodrigo is about to marry ANGELICA and they are expecting a son. For María this is not fair so she wants Rosario to seduce Rodrigo, make him fall in love with her and then disappear, leaving his life in ruins, making him suffer. Once her mission begins, Rosario discovers that nothing is what it seems. Rodrigo is a haunted man and even if she had never bought the frailty of the strong sex, this time it is different. María gradually shows herself more unbalanced, and what at first seemed to be a simple plan turns into a sick complex one. Rosario loses her standing in a maze of passions that involves her and exceeds her. Never had she imagined that people could be capable of certain things, let alone that she could be capable of feeling and doing other. But, after all, every crime is committed for love and every love is a crime.


Adrian Caetano (A Red Bear; Buenos Aires 1977) / MAGMA CINE (The Mugger; Blood Appears) / LA FERME PRODUCTIONS! - Franck Ribiere (The Last Circus; Oxford Murders; The Perfect Crime). Latam Dist. Buena Vista

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