Ferocious Wolf

Thriller | Suspense | 2023 | Spain Uruguay Argentina | 105 min

Gustavo Hernández

Cast: Javier Gutiérrez (Campeones; Hogar), Adriana Ugarte (Julieta; Durante la tormenta), Rubén Ochandiano (Undercover); Juana Acosta (El Inocente).


A mother faces her worst nightmare: her young daughter has been brutally murdered. Tormented and without trusting the police system, she decides to personally take care of the matter, kidnapping the alleged rapist and murderer of her daughter: a music teacher without any prior background. For this, she will be helped by a policeman who operates within the limits of the law.


The director of VIRUS 32 (Silver Raven BIFFF 2022) returns to Brussels with a remake of BIG BAD WOLVES, which Tarantino considers as “the best film of 2013”!

Festivals | Highlights

International Premiere BIFFF (Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival) 2023 / Asian Premiere Pifan 2023


Dist. in Spain: Filmax / #2 on Netflix Spain for 3 consecutive weeks

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