Gangs of Rasario

Action | Comedy | 2001 | ARG | 90 min. color

Rodrigo Grande

Cast: Federico Luppi,Ulises Dumont,Maria Jose Demare y Francisco Puente


Thirty years had passed since Tito Saravia and his partner Castor went to Rosario city´s jail (Argentina).Thirty years there was a hidden bag full of cash waiting for them sunk in the river.When they get out of jail they they will play tango once again in the city that once was controlled by them while they plan how to recover the cash.

Festivals | Highlights

Best actor Federico Lupi & best soundtrack Mar del Plata,ARG//Best film & best actor Ulises Dumont Santo Domingo//Rio de Janeiro//Biarritz//La Havanna//Lerida,Spain//LA Latino.

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