Animation | 3D | 2021 | ARG | 100 min

Tomas Lipgot



Four thousand years ago, during the Sumer Culture, settled in the origins of the human civilization, one of history's most ancient and epic tales took place: the history of Gilgamesh, king of Uruk, the grandiose walled city he founded; also called 'The Father of All Heroes'. This powerful monarch, son of a king and a goddess, tormented the people of his town, until they grew tired of his abuse, and implored the Gods to stop him. In response, the deities created Enkidu, a being as powerful as Gilgamesh, his equal, to face him with the limits of his power. Narrating the story of Gilamesh's search of immortality, we'll get into a powerful story; a timeless and universal existential drama with the charm of a mythical tale.

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