Gold Seekers

Action | Thriller | 2017 | Paraguay | 102

Juan Carlos Maneglia & Tana Schembori

Cast: Tomás Arredondo, Christian Ferreira, Cecilia Torres, Mario Toñánez, Sandra Sanabria


Manu is looking through an ancient book his grandfather gave him when he discovers an old map and photos. Knowing his grandfather was a treasure hunter who was always looking for the gold and jewels of the famous Paraguayan triple border war treasures, he thinks this map may be a clue. Quickly enlisting a friend, he soon discovers that the location in the map is now an embassy and decides to begin an adventure of his own full of danger, love and of course a missing treasure!


2018 Academy Awards Entry. From the Directors and Producers of Int'l Sales hit and South American Box Office Hit 7 Cajas ( 450.000 adm.) 'City of God' meets 'Nine Queens'

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Variety review : After turning heads with the resourcefulness and high energy of their 2012 '7 Boxes,' Paraguayan duo Juan Carlos Maneglia and Tana Schembori expand their antic caper-film template in 'The Gold Seekers,' to results that are not only bigger and more polished, but even more of a good-natured delight. 'Gold Seekers' should easily exceed its predecessor's international outreach, while dangling remake prospects and boosting visibility for the nation's modest film industry. (Dennis Harvey)

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