Just Like Me

Comedy | Family | 2010 | ARG | 90 min.

Diego Kaplan

Cast: Adrian Suar, Florencia Bertotti & Claudia Fotan


Freddy is 41 years old. He's is the king of the night, his is single and young chicks love him. He is the typical womanizer that does not want to grow up. One night, Freddy meets Aylin and thins she's another one-night stand, but must face the unexpected. He turns to discover he is Aylin's father and he is about to become a grandfather as well making him wonder many things about his life.


A Buena Vista Release 900.000 adm / From the Producers of 9 Queens , Son of the bride and A boyfriend for my wife ; Diego Kaplan (¿Sabes Nadar?); Adrian Suar (A boyfriend for my wife) ; Florencia Bertotti (The Lighthouse; Déjala correr), Claudia Fontan (El ratón Pérez 2; )


...Just Like me it's a just hit : has a prefect comic timing , good dialogues and funny performances-Fernando López / La Nación. ...Just like me , Freddy (Adrián Suar) suddenly discovers he will be a fahter and grandfather is this comedy with all the elements to become a hit .Pablo O. Scholz/ Clarín.



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