La Milagrosa

Action | Thriller | 2008 | Colombia-Mexico | 106 min

Rafael Lara

Cast: Antonio Merlano; Guillermo Iván; Mónica Gómez; Hernán Méndez; Álvaro García Trujillo, Germán Quintero; Ana María Kamper; Montserrat Espadalé; Carlos Duplat; Santiago Reyes.


Based on true events. (Much like Ingrid Betancourt's horrific tale of abduction) Eduardo, the son of very powerful Colombian business man , is on a road trip with a friend and his friend bodyguard when they are sudenly kidnapped by a Colombian guerilla and held for ransom. The film deeply narrates the loneliness and trauma suffered by the victims , the armed clashes and dangerous ventures from camp to camp in the jungle in the Guerrilla Lifestyle as never shown before .


Carlos Duplat (Love in the Time of Cholera); Guillermo Iván (Vantage Point; Trade)

Festivals | Highlights

Los Angeles Liff // Winner: FREEDOM KEY AWARD at Huelva iff 08


VARIETY:... from Mexico, Rafa Lara, whose narco-thriller 'La Milagrosa' played to a largely upbeat reaction at Huelva....


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