Love Can't Wait

Comedy | Romance | 2020 | Mexico | 74 min

Juan Carlos Carrasco

Cast: Monica Huarte Adal Ramones


Viri is the owner of the video club 'Amores', one of the few left in Mexico City. She is sad because no one remembered her Birthday. Agustin arrives to rent an old movie, almost at the closing time, but he movie is really hard to find. Everything looks normal, until an employee leaves the store, thinking they were gone. In real time and with no cuts, this couple will show how love works in mysterious ways… like in the movies...The film was shot after two weeks of rehearsals in a single tracking shot. It was tested for 0 errors and it is an incredible achievement due to the complexity of the camera movements. At the cinematic level, the film plays with varying levels of imagination, in the strictest sense of play, the film excites the viewer making them an accomplice to the imaginary fantasy of cinema within cinema, the fantasy within reality.

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