Merry Christmas (Best Wishes)

Arthouse | Comedy | 2000 | ARG | 99 min Color

Lucho Bender

Cast: Pablo Cedrón, Carlos Belloso, Marcelo,Mazzarello, Luis Machín, Gastón Pauls, Silke,Alfredo Casero, Cacho Castaña, Fabio Iastrebner & Mariana Arias.


Christmast eve in Buenos Aires, when the souls of the different characters get undressed to show haw good, solitary,convenient,perverted and human can we become.A unique point of view,in a unique film fulfilled with containt.


Carlos Belloso (La nina santa) ; Gaston Pauls ( 9 Reinas ; Iluminados por el fuego) , Alfredo Casero (Todas las azafatas van al cielo) ; Silke (Almejas y mejillones).

Festivals | Highlights

IP Venice SIC //Montreal // Argentine entry for the Oscars //Winner Best first film and best new actor Alfredo Casero at the Condors Argentina.



A jumpy, inconclusive series of encounters whose common denominator is the loneliness of the modern Argentine on Christmas Eve, 'Merry Christmas' wallows in its low-budget world of holiday misery, misunderstandings and solitude. Tyro helmer Lucho Bender enlivens these dismal tales with some welcome bits of black humor...By DEBORAH YOUNG - VARIETY

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