Nine Queens

Thriller | 2000 | ARG | 114min

Fabian Bielinsky

Cast: Ricardo Darin (The Secret in Their Eyes; Wild Tales), Gaston Pauls (Blessed by Fire; Che: Part 2), Leticia Bredice (El Dia que Me Amen; Bergoglio, the Pope Francis).


Remastered into 4K / UHD Plot: Juan and Marcos are two small-time swindlers, one a young man and the other a veteran in the art of swindling, who happen to get involved in an affair that could make them millionaires: they have less than a day to pull off a scam that can't fail.

Toronto San Sebastian london iff AFI Fest


Buena Vista Box Office Hit: 1.300.000 Admissions / One of the best Films of the 21st Century / One of the best Thrillers in Film history. Amazing Reviews: “It's the kind of film that seduces you by its manipulative elements and you enjoy being drawn in by its shameless gimmicks” Stephen Holden - The New York Times / 'David Mamet would kill to have a script as good as the one that drives 'Nine Queens'. A seductively structured and beautifully acted thriller.' Todd McCarthy - Variety

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