One out of Two

Arthouse | Drama | 2004 | ARG | 88 min. color

Alejo Taube

Cast: Jorge Sesan , Jimena Anganuzzi , Renata Aielo , Ariel Staltari , Pablo De Nito & Vana Passeri.


Argentina,December 2001, crisis.But there are some places in the country where people tries to overcome this despair.In the called 'Cortez Station' where there are no longer train service, and where live people like Juan Martin Hernandez, nick named 'the blonde', who dares to break the law in order to get over this difficult situation.

Festivals | Highlights

Winner Best Film at BAFICI//Venice//Montreal//Canada//Ghent,Belgium//Silver Alexander,Greece//Audience award in Nantes, France// Swiss


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