Orol , The King of B´s

Thriller | Drama | 2012 | Mexico | 90 min. | Spanish

Sebastián del Amo

Cast: Roberto Sosa, Roger Cudney, Gabriela de la Garza, Ximena González, Fernanda Romero, Jesús Ochoa, Jorge Zamora “Zamorita”, Yolanda Montes “Tongolele”, Rodrigo Murray, Plutarco Haza, Juan Manuel Bernal, Karin Burnett, Marissa Saavedra, Alfonso Borbolla, Octavio Ocaña, Rodrigo Cachero, Julio Bracho, Alberto Estrella, Esteban Soberanes


Mexican director Juan Orol was nicknamed the ‘Involuntary Surrealist' because he made films that were so bad that they were good; shoddy, improvised, vulgar… but fun! In fact, they were so entertaining that they became box-office hits, making Orol the king of the B movie during Mexico's golden age of national cinema. This film pays homage to the stereotypes of cinema via the life of the director who best embodied it, Juan Orol. Ed Wood would be jealous.

Festivals | Highlights

WP & Winner Best Film at Guadalajara iff 2012 / IP Sitges

Sitges Guadalajara


'An atractive film whose intention is making us have a good time, and at the same time, have a regard to the history of our own Cinema…'- Rolling Stone

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