Piercing I

Animation | Animation | 2010 | China | 75 min.

Jian LIU

Cast: Yang siming , He liebo , Zhang yu , Shao min ,Sun jianchun , Lao wan , Huang jun, Jin weihong Yang yu ,Zeng hongyu, Liu tong


In the heart of a Chinese factory town filled with darkness and corruption finds young people struggling for a better living risking their life for cents . Caused by a chain of edgy events between the wealthiest Business man of town , his competitor , the corrupted Chinese Police and 2 freaky and lazy friends will find all of them after the very same urban war booty...


Liu Jian(China,1969) majored in Chinese Painting and graduated from Nanjing Art Institute in 1993. Since then, he made works that met with the criteria of modern art. His works were presented in some of the most important exhibitions in China and abroad. He is one of the representative artists of Gaudy Art and Conceptual Photography. In 1995, he began making animations. He started his own Le-joy Animation Studio in 2007.

Festivals | Highlights

Annecy International Animation Film Festival, France / WINNER : Best Animated Feature Film Asia Pacific Screen Award 2010 / WINNER : Best Feature Film award at I Castelli Animati Festival in Italy/ Holland Animation Film Festival / WINNER Best Film CinDi , Korea / WINNER Best Feature Film Yerevan Intl Animation ff / WINNER Debut Award iff/ WINNER : 2nd Award for Best Film ASIEXPO , France/ WINNER Best Film CINANIMA ,Portugal/ Brussels International Animation Film Festival / International Trick Film Festival & Festival of Animated Film, Stuttgart Germany / HK iff 2011

Annecy Animation Festival


….The real surprise in competition comes from China…Dry and without concessions, his first feature film Piercing I is the vivifying sign of chinese animation's return.Thierry Meranger / Les Cahiers du Cinéma. …piercing soon turns nightmarish film noir. One can not help but think of the Coen Brothers films, especially the first of them, Blood Simple (1984). Thomas Sotinel / Le Monde.

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