Play For Me

Arthouse | Drama | 2001 | ARG | 100 min

Rodrigo Furth

Cast: Hermes Gaido,Maria Laura Frigerio, Alejandro Fiore & Emilio Urdapilleta.


A road Movie full of music where Carlos, a Punk Rocker is searching his lost past in his home town together with a prostitute he meets in the way.

Festivals | Highlights

Berlinale//Mar del Plata//Toulouse//Lleida,Spain//Brooklin,NY//Bergen,Norway//Estambul//Innsbruck,Austria//Israel//Karlovy Vary//Lacinemafe,NY//Latin Beat,Lincoln Center,NY//Lyublyana,Slovenya//Oslo,Norway//San Fransico USA//Santa Fe,USA//Warsaw,Poland//Washington,USA//Wellington,New Zeland//Pergamino//Tandil//Olavarria//Santa Fe//Bariloche.


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