Scrambled Beers (Remake Title: Scrambled Time)

Thriller | Comedy | 2007 | Chile | 88 min

Cristóbal Valderrama

Cast: Diego Muñoz , Nicolás Saavedra , Javiera Dí­az de Valdés & Manuela Martelli


Scrambled Beers is about Vladimir and Jorge, two best friends who decide to share and apartment. This delirious black comedy begins as their two visions of the world collide. Vladimir starts a super-natural life of drunken time travel that involves waking up every day on a random date and getting involved with Jorge's wife. Jorge, all the while, begins to become progressively more neurotic about order and control, which leads to some extremely obscure plans. And then things get weird…

Festivals | Highlights

SXSW / NY Latino iff


Malta Con Huevo The Heineken Red Star Award was presented to a director whose film pushes the boundaries of creativity, providing a unique vision and execution. Cristobal Valderrama won the prize for his direction of Malta Con Huevo, a twisting story of two mismatched friends who decide to move in together, resulting in unintended, truly far-reaching consequences. This film's innovative storyline is a testament to the type of thought provoking films the Heineken Red Star Award recognizes. Heineken has partnered with Variety Magazine and the Independent Film Channel (IFC) to bring well-deserved publicity and visibility to the Heineken Red Star Award recipients and their films. Valderamma received a crystal statuette created by Tiffany and Co., a two-page spread in Variety, and a trip to Los Angeles to meet with executives and network with other winners from the Red Star Award Program.

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