Tear This Heart Out

Romance | Thriller | 2008 | Mexico | 107 min.

Roberto Sneider

Cast: Ana Claudia Talancón, Daniel Giménez Cacho, José María de Tavira


Based on a perfect book that turned into a filmed Masterpiece . Mexico of 1930. Catalina is seeking freedom and finds Andrés to be a charming and powerful man, and a way to leave her small world and accede to a world of luxury and wealth. She is maturing, discovering the world, and suddenly realizes that she is not free and no longer happy with Andrés. Catalina begins her life as a woman when she meets Carlos and finds him moral, almost an idealist, young and good looking orchestra director, although ambitious . Andrés finds a rival in Carlos (politically, as well as with his wife) and without remorse, orders him killed, just as he does with anybody that gets in his way. It is not until Catalina herself suffers the consequences of that overwhelming power that she decides she can't continue being an accomplice and a victim , therefore generating a gold-medal ending .


Roberto Sneider(Two Crimes, Frida); Ana Claudia Talancón (The Crime of Father Amaro, Love in the Time of Cholera, Fast Food Nation); Daniel Giménez Cacho (I'm Gonna Explode, La Zona, Bad Education, Nicotina, Y tu mamá también, Profundo carmesí); José María de Tavira (The Mask of Zorro).

Festivals | Highlights

Academy Awards 2009 short listed // Palm Springs iff 2009 // Montreal WFF 09 out of competition // Latin Beat 09 Lincoln Center // WINNER : 5 Diosas de Plata (Mexican press awards ) including : Best Film , Best Script , Best Director , Best Actress & Best Actor // WINNER : 2 Mexican Oscars // Opening Film : Latin Beat Tokyo 09 //



....'Tear This Heart Out' has it all -- a passionate love story set against the backdrop of the post-revolution '30s and '40s Mexico, sumptuous visuals and a sweep that sometimes touches the authentically epic.... Mexico's costliest film production to date and its selection for the foreign-language film Oscar did aces B.O. at home following its September 2008 release, with offshore prospects looking healthy in Spanish-speaking territories for this thoroughly mainstream item. By JONATHAN HOLLAND - VARIETY ...'The most spectacular mexican film produced in may years'.... ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE.

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