The Adopters

Comedy | LGBT | 2019 | ARG | 101

Daniel Gimelberg

Cast: Rafael Spregelburd, Diego Gentile, Florencia Peña, Valeria Lois, Soledad Silveyra.


This 'family-in-the-making' comedy follows the decision of a cool and established gay couple on their forties to have children only to discover the many many many unforeseen obstacles that keep popping up and blocking the happy ending to their story... at least the happy ending they had planned.


Original idea by Cesc Gay. Starring Rafael Spregelburd (The Man Next Door, Perdida). Diego Gentile (Wild Tales) and Florencia Peña (El Potro, A Crazy heart). LATAM Dist. : Sony Pictures

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World Premiere at BAFICI

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