The Aura (The Perfect Heist)

Thriller | Suspense | 2005 | ARG | 138 | Spanish

Fabián Bielinsky

Cast: Ricardo Darin, Alejandro Awada, Dolores Fonzi, Pablo Cedron.


Esteban Espinosa (Darín), an epileptic who often fantasizes about committing the perfect Heist . While hunting in Patagonia, Espinosa accidentally kills Dietrich (Rodal), a guide from the area, and discovers he is in fact a criminal. This unexpectedly connects him with the chance of executing a real crime: assaulting an armored truck carrying the profits of a casino in the area. Espinosa projects into his fantasies, assembling a puzzle piece by piece, inevitably enclosing himself in it. Now Esteban has the chance to execute the perfect crime he has dreamt on


Fabián Bielinsky ( Nine Queens, #1 Latin Thriller of all times) ; Starring Ricardo Darin (The Secret in their Eyes); Dolores Fonzi (La Patota). Buena Vista Intl Box Ofice Hit 1.000.000 adm

Sundance San Sebastian Academy Awards


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