Torrente, Mission: Eurovegas

Action | Comedy | 2014 | Spain | 102 min. | Spanish

Santiago Segura

Cast: Santiago Segura & Alec Baldwin


In 2018 Torrente gets out of Prison only to discover that the Spain he loved is now gone, and replaced for the worse. Quickly an outlaw, Torrente plans to rob a casino and uses his prison contacts to find security expert John Marshall. As Marshall set up the security at the new Eurovegas Casino, he's the best person to plan its heist. United together, Torrente and Marshall assemble the dream team to pull off the heist of the century.

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Spanish Dist . Sony Pictures ( 1.8M adm) LATAM Dist. Buena Vista Int l


The Hollywood Reporter :The Bottom Line , A thankfully less gross and satirically sharper version of Torrente.

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