Under The Same Roof

Comedy | Black Comedy | 2019 | Spain | 97

Juana Macias

Cast: Jordi Sanchez , Silvia Abril, Ana Morgade, Alvaro Cervantes , Malena Alterio, Dani Guzman , Cristina Castaño


A divorce, a mortgage, and the worst nightmare of a couple breaking up: having to share the house with your ex. When Nadia and Adrian decide to split up after years of living together, they realize that neither of them can afford to leave the beautiful home they bought at the peak of their marriage....and the real estate bubble. Trapped by debt and forced to cohabit, they end up declaring war and setting up their own private battlefield under the same roof.


Juana Macias (We Are Pregnant), Jordi Sanchez (En Fuera de Juego, Lord Give Me Patience), Silvia Abril (Torrente 5, Three Manny Weddongs), Alvaro Cervantes (El Arbol de la Sangre). Dist. Spain: Sony Pictures / Box Office Hit 600.000 admissions /#1 in the opening weekend

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