Unresolved Sexual Tension

Comedy | Erotic | 2010 | Spain | 93 min

Miguel Ángel Lamata

Cast: Michelle Jenner; Adam Jeziersky; Salomé Jiménez; Fele Martínez; Miguel Ángel Muñoz; Joaquín Reyes; Pilar Rubio; Norma Ruíz; Amaia Salamanca; Santiago Segura


The story focuses on Juanjo, a university professor who has been dumped by his girlfriend. Convinced that he is being manipulated by her , he persuades his boldest student , Nico, to help him regain his former love. However, what seemed a simple plan ends up being a perverse game or, perhaps, romantic ... or both.


From the Producers of Torrente / From the Director of 'Isi & Disi, alto voltaje' & 'Una de Zombis'.


'Lamata, is the Spanish successor of Judd Apatow'(Antonio Weinrichter: Diario ABC). 'An unusual romantic comedy where love and desire unleash fury of the most diverse with unpredictable consequences... a movie that gives more than you expect'(LaButaca.net). 'Reyes and Segura interventions (...) provide flashes of comic lights to a more sophisticated and acid film than expected'(Jordi Costa: Diario El País).

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