Upside Down (Remake Title : Sex Shop Inc.)

Comedy | Erotic | 2010 | Brazil | 101 min

Roberto Santucci

Cast: Ingrid Guimarães , Maria Paula ,Bruno Garcia ,Flávia Alessandra ,Denise Weinberg & Cristina Pereira


A workaholic business woman is being left by her husband because she is too busy with her marketing manager position at the country´s top toy company. Caused by courier delivery mistake she gets sex toys instead of kid´s toys for the new product meeting at the co. and therefore fired by the management . This forces her to go through a big change in her life and becomes partner on a decadent sex shop to convert in the biggest country chain.

Festivals | Highlights

Nominated, Cinema Brazil Grand Prize :Best Screenplay, Original


Brazil's economic boom is encouraging local producers to focus on their home market, and Brazilian auds seem to be in the mood to laugh. This year's local box office champs are two comedies: Roberto Santucci's 'De pernas para o ar' (Upside Down) grossed 31.5 million reais (20 million U$S )....By MARCELO CAJUEIRO - VARIETY .

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