Comedy | 2015 | ARG | 95 min.

Martín Piroyansky

Cast: Martín Piroyansky, Violeta Urtizberea, Inés Efron, Justina Bustos, Vera Spinetta & Chino Darín


Six friends are spending New Year's Eve at a summer house at the river. Nicolas is a sex addict who scores on every single girl in the house, including his best friend's girlfriend, for whom he falls. Even worse than that, he declares his love to her and by doing so, the entire group faces a deeper crisis to finally realize that he was not the only one in breaking the rules of friendship.


From the producers of A Boyfriend for My Wife, 2+2 and White Elephant. Martin Piroyansky (Mi Primera Boda, Vino para Robar); Ines Efron (XXY); Chino Darin (Muerte en Buenos Aires)

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WP: Mar del Plata Film Festival

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