The Fortress

Whodunnit | Black Comedy | 2023 | Spain | 92 mins

Chiqui Carabante

Cast: Fernando Cayo (Money Heist; The Orphanage); José Manuel Poga (Money Heist); Vito Sanz (MyLove Lost; Spanish Shame), Carla Nieto (If I Were You), Fernando Tejero (Soccer Days; Cinco metros cuadrados), Goya Toledo (Marsella; Amores Perros; Retribution)


Los herederos de una mansión tendrán que enfrentarse a un gran juego que pondrá al descubierto algo más brutal que su ambición, el secreto mejor guardado de la familia...

Festivals | Highlights

Malaga IFF 2023 / Sevilla Film Festival 2023


EL ESPAÑOL: “Inheritance madness in a tribute to comedy. There's not a second to blink.” / ANDALUCÍA INFORMACI?'N: “A true tribute to the choral cinema” / LA OPINI?'N DE MÁLAGA: “Fernando Tejero in the role of the notary brings the first smiles” / LA DIACRÍTICA: “Full of surprises and hilarious moments. 90 good minutes of black comedy” / LA VANGUARDIA: “Original idea, effective humor, hilarious given the reaction of the audience” / TVE-DÍAS DE CINE: “It's visually gorgeous” / CANAL SUR “The movie connects with the tradition of Spanish black comedy, with Buñuel, Berlanga or La Codorniz. Go see it in mass when it opens in theaters” / CINE CON N: “The humor never runs out. A completely dedicated cast. Lots of laughter”

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