The Unexpected Joker

Comedy | 2022 | ARG | 98 min

Mateo Bendesky (Family Members’ – Official Competition in Berlin, 2019)

Cast: Martin Piroyansky (Permitidos; Amazon Original Porn and Ice Cream), Julieta Zylberberg (Wild Tales; The Tenth Man; The Invisible Eye) and Alan Sabbagh (The Tenth Man).


The story is set in the 60’s with an outstanding art direction. The life of Jorge Rizzi, a shy corporate employee, takes a turn when he participates in a hypnosis session that frees him from his inhibitions and brings out his alter ego unbridled and seductive: Doctor Tangalanga. At first, he uses his new powers to cheer up Sixto, a convalescent friend, and later to seduce Clara, the receptionist at the sanatorium in which Sixto is hospitalized. But things don't take long to get out of control.


Dist. en LATAM: Disney's STAR Distribution

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