2 + 2 (A Couple with a Couple)

Comedy | Erotic | 2012 | ARG | 105 min.

Diego Kaplan

Cast: Adrian Suar, Julieta Diaz, Carla Peterson & Juan Minujin


Diego and Emilia have a 14 year old son and a classic family life, while Richard and Bettina lead a more mundane life. During a celebration they confess to their friends that they are swingers… and that they would love to share this practice with them. This confession awakens dormant fantasies in Emilia, who insists that she and Diego should accept the invitation, and try something new...


From the Producers of 'A Boyfriend for my Wife'; 'Son of the Bride' & 'White Elephant'. Diego Kaplan (Just Like Me) / Adrian Suar (Just Like Me; A Boyfriend For My Wife).

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