Calling an Angel

Thriller | Comedy | 2007 | Mexico | 90 min. | Spanish

Pancho Rodríguez ,Héctor Rodríguez & Rodolfo Guzmán

Cast: Luis Felipe Tovar; Patricia Llaca; Mónica Dionne; Julio Bracho; Pablo Abitia; Sherlyn; Eduardo España; Marco Treviño; Andres Montiel; Alberto Estrella; Manuel Ojeda; Flor Payan; Julio Cesar Fido & Angel Cervantes


Three men share nothing but the same name: Angel Flores Fuentes. When a woman in search for her lost true love opens the telephone book, she has no option but to send a desperate love message to the three, hoping to obtain a response from the real one. The men who are not the real Angel Flores Fuentes, believe that the message was left by a different woman, their own lost or impossible love.

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WINNER : WP and Prized at Audience Award at Guadalajara IFF 2007

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