Comedy | Black Comedy | 2007 | ARG | 95 min. | Spanish

Cristian Bernard & Flavio Nardini

Cast: Diego Capusotto, Roberto Carnaghi, Carlos Issa, Diego Leske, Coni Marino, Luis Sabatini, Marcelo Sein, Francisco Nepomuceno & Luciano Cazaux.


'D-Graduated' takes place on just one night, beginning with an alumni meeting. All of them have graduated from the same school 20 years ago. From this reunion, 3 different smartly narrated stories will emerge. 3 stories on which all the main characters have something in common: second chances.


Cristian Bernard y Flavio Nardini (76 89 03); Luciano Cazaux (Felicidades); Diego Capusoto (Soy Tu Aventura); Roberto Carnaghi (Ay, Juancito; Elsa & Fred); Carlos Issa (Buenos Aires 100km); Luis Sabatini (Derecho de Familia; La Mano de Dios); Marcelo Sein (Felicidades; Tiempo de Valientes)

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WINNER: WP and Prized at Mar del Plata IFF // IP at Montreal // Winner : Silver Prize & Signis Prize at Pinamar iff // Valladolid iff // Chicago iff // London //

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