Suspense | Thriller | 2009 | Sweden | 83 min.

Johan Jonason

Cast: Björn Andersson; Eva Fritjofson; Emil Johnsen; Yvonne Lombard; Vanna Rosenberg; Ronald Jones; Maria Selbing.


Guidance is a film about ordinary people in extraordinary coaching situations. A middle-aged urban couple is having problems: Roy is depressed, has been on sick leave for some time, and Ylva is fed up with the situation. An alternative therapist shows up, and offers to treat Roy at a remote farm. After threats of divorce Roy goes, but the method immediately proves to be quite unorthodox. Fake yoga and humiliation are intermingled with tough workout sessions. Back in the city Ylva enjoys the illusion of freedom but a phone call from the farm worries her. The therapist becomes more and more bizarre and finally Roy runs away, and in so doing, finds new inner strength and returns to wreak vengeance.

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WP Rotterdam iff / Gotebörg iff

Rotterdam Goteborg


'This subtle, optimistically, humorous story about love and power games is one of the most exiting things to happen Swedish films during the 2000s.' Marit Kapla, Festival Director, Goteborg International Film Festival

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