History of the Occult

Horror | Thriller | 2020 | ARG | 82 mins

Cristian Jesus Ponce

Cast: Germán Baudino, Casper Uncal, Hernán Bengoa, Juanjo Suker, Mario Lombard, Agustín Recondo, Pedro Saieg, Nadia Lozano, Victor Díaz, Cristian Salgueiro, Alex Abdeneve, Lucia Arreche, Victoria Reyes, Raúl Omar García, Hernán Altamirano, Héctor Ostrofsky


Just 60 minutes until the last broadcast of Midnight, the most famous journalism show on television. Tonight, it's Adrian Marcato who could expose a conspiracy linking the Government to a royal Coven.

Festivals | Highlights

WINNER at Cannes Le Film Français Award (Marché du Film) / Sitges / WINNER at Mar del Plata Best Opera Prima and Best Actor / Morbido /WINNER at Nox Best film and Best Script / WINNER at Terror Molins Best Director & Audience Award / WINNER at Imagine Festival Black Tulip Award

Sitges Cannes


#1 Most Watched Digital film of the year in Spain / Dread central: “….you also marvel at how it maximizes absolutely everything …. And it does so magnificently: magic, multiple dimensions, covens and warlocks”. / Fotogramas : “…fascinatingly fatalistic. achieves a fast-paced and tangible journalistic thriller that does not hesitate to disguise himself as “All the president's men”….one of the most fascinating stories…. and one of the most interesting film exercises of the year, a new proof that salvation is found in the genre. And doom too… / “Espinof: “…Cristian Ponce is right in his debut, 'Historia de lo oculto', another of the surprises we have seen in the last edition of Sitges…”

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