Inseparable (Remake of Untouchables)

Comedy | Drama | 2016 | ARG | 109 min

Marcos Carnevale

Cast: Oscar Martínez, Rodrigo De la Serna, Carla Peterson, Alejandra Flechner, Franco Masini.


Felipe, a wealthy businessman who has become quadriplegic due to an accident, is looking for a therapeutic assistant. Although Felipe has several qualified candidates to do the job, he decides to hire the gardener's assistant, Tito, who has recently resigned from that position. Tito does not have the abilities or the conditions needed to do the job, something that the people closest to Felipe, Veronica and Yvonne, the housekeeper, immediately notice. They strongly try to convince him not to hire Tito, but Felipe remains firm in his decision. Tito is the first person in a long time who doesn't treat him with pity. Despite the difficulties, Tito settles properly in the assignment and is constantly surprising Felipe. Tito makes him laugh. In a short period of time, Tito helps Felipe to connect again with the meaning of life that his condition has deprived him of. He starts living again, and to enjoy it, something he had almost forgotten.


Oscar Martinez (The Distinguished Citizen; Paulina, Wild Tales); Rodrigo de la Serna (Chiamatemi Francesco - Il Papa della gente; The Motorcycle Diaries, Tetro); Carla Peterson (2+2)

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WP at Venice IFF



-When the Remake is better than the original… Pagina 12/ Horacio Bernades -Untouchables is a five-star Movie. Marcos Carnevale Untouchables is a sensitive Remake of the French movie, with a humorous tone with two accomplice s enormous actors! Our rating: Excellent….José Playo / La Voz -There's stories that you see in the movies and stay in the theatre, there are others that remain stored and continue to transport us days later……that same feeling will happen with Untouchables ... Rating Cero / Javier Ponzone -The opposites attract and complement each other, as the saying goes, and this story- tender and at the same time calming ?' does nothing other than confirm it…….. Diego Batlle/ La Nacion -Perfect empathy between them. A tender film with humor, a must see…….. Catalina Dlugi

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