Love (Part One)

Comedy | Romance | 2004 | ARG | 102 min. color

Mauregui , Schnitman , Fadel & Mitre

Cast: Leonora Balcarce & Luciano Cáceres.


How and why two persons fall in love?What makes them get to live together?Which is the secret moment where everything start falling down? When a relation is over and when it should be? Pedro & Sofia in their simple love story probably represent half of the planet.


Luciano Cáceres (Garúa; Ciudad en Celo; La Señal; Encanación); Leonora Balcarce (Los Suicidas; Agua; ¿De Quién es el Portaligas?) )

Festivals | Highlights

IP Venice SIC 2004//Winner Best Film at Montevideo Uruguay // Toulousse // Montreal//Toronto



A fresh, likeable comedy about the beginning, middle and end of a romance, 'Love (Part One)' is seamlessly directed by four film-school grads who joined hands on their first feature. Among the most commercially viable of the new Argentinian crop, pic is a charming piece of froth that should hit the mark with young audiences who will see themselves reflected in the 25-year-olds' pains. The rare indie made without state subsidies, its anti-auteur stance makes sense, though viewers over 30 are likely to find the concept too cute for its own good. Abroad, it could drum up some small-screen interest. By DEBORAH YOUNG -VARIETY

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