Mr. Happines

Comedy | Comedy | 2017 | Italy | 95

Alessandro Siani

Cast: Alessandro Siani, Diego Abatantuono, Carla Signoris, Elena Cucci & Cristiana Dell Anna.


Martino has no job nor prospects and is financially supported by his sister, until he causes an accident that puts her in the hospital. Martino, must substitute for her as a housekeeper at the home of Doctor GUGLIELMO GIOIA, a mental coach specialized in motivating people through positive thinking. Martino takes advantage of a misunderstanding and pretends to be the Doctor's assistant, Mister Happines, to make some money and is hired to assist figure-skating champion Arianna Croft regain her self-confidence after an accident on the ice. But optimism is not really his thing, and only when he reveals his true self as a hopeless cynic, does Martino actually help Arianna. His apathy therapy slowly heals the champion, and the two fall in love. But happiness is an intricate system, and our heroe will have to deal with Doctor Gioia's return and Arianna's mother's efforts to interfere with anything that might divert her daughter's attention from competing as a figure skater.


From Cattleya, Producer's of Gomorrah (TVSeries); Don't Move & Suburra. Starring Alessandro Siani (Welcome to the South, Welcome to the North ) & Diego Abatantuono (Mediterraneo, Unfair Competition)

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