Our Home: The Astral City

Drama | Fantasy | 2010 | Brazil | 102 min.

Wagner De Assis

Cast: Renato Prieto , Fernando Alves Pinto, RosaNne MulholLand, INEZ VIANA, Rodrigo dos Santos, WERNER SCHÜNEMANN, NICOLA SIRI, & CLEMENTE VISCAÍNO.


The selfish Dr. André Luiz dies and awakes in the limbo called 'Umbral' realizing that there is life after life . After a painful period at the Umbral he is rescued and brought in a white light to the Astral City ( Nosso Lar meaning Our Home) to find a place for enlightment and harmony, where people live in peace learning about life on Earth to be ready for the next reincarnation.


FOX Box Office Hit 4.000.000 adm . The biggest film ever made in Brazil . Written and Directed by Wagner de Assis (A Cartomante). Produced by Iafa Britz (Se Eu Fosse Você 1 e 2, Divã, Sexo, Amor & Traição) Composer: Philip Glass (The Hours, The Ilusionist, The Truman Show). Cinetamography: Ueli Steiger, ASC (10.000 B.C., Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow) . Visual Effects: Intelligent Creatures, Canada (Watchmen, Babel, The Fountain). Based on the book entitled Nosso Lar (Our Home) published in 1942 by the worldwide famous medium named Chico Xavier who wrote it with the guidance of a departed spirit named Andre Luiz. This is the story of one man´s journey after-death throughout the spiritual world.


'A grandiose film, with quality special effects' 'the result is beautiful and futuristic' 'one can admire the music by American composer Philip Glass' 'Spiritualist cinema is more alive than ever' Revista Época . 'Nosso Lar brings together many talented people' 'there are top-notch actors in the main roles, such as Fernando Alves Pinto and the great Othon Bastos' 'Nosso Lar comes on like a champ' Jornal Estadão . 'this is a blockbuster' Revista Isto É. 'a visual effects spectacle that ups the standards for other Brazilian films' 'a new great actor is unveiled: Renato Prieto' .Jornal O Globo 'Nosso Lar transmits sincerity' Revista Veja.

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