Some Time Later

Arthouse | Fantasy | 2018 | Spain | 94min

Jose Luis Cuerda

Cast: Roberto ALAMO, Blanca SUAREZ , Miguel RELLAN, Arturo VALLS, Carlos ARECES, Gabino DIEGO, Secun DE LA ROSA


In the year 9177 or so, a thousand years here or there (it's best not to quibble over such minor details) the whole world ?'and according to some authors, the universe too- has been reduced to just one Representative Building and the filthy outskirts around it inhabited by all of the unemployed and starving people in the cosmos.


Goya Winner: Butterfly's Tongue; The Education of the Fairies (with Ricardo Darin) Carlos Areces (Los amantes pasajeros; Balada triste de trompeta), Blanca Suárez (Las Chicas del Cable; El Bar), Roberto Álamo (Que Dios nos perdone). Dist. Spain eONE .

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World Premiere in the Official Selection

San Sebastian


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