The Noble Family

Comedy | Social Satire | 2013 | Mexico | 95 min.

Gary Alazraki

Cast: Gonzalo Vega; Karla Souza; Luis Gerardo Méndez; Juan Pablo Gil; Ianis Guerrero & Carlos Gascón.


When successful construction Mogul, Herman Noble realizes his children are spoiled beyond redemption, he stages the company bankruptcy and seizure of all their assets. And tricks them into believing they are fugitives from the law. He moves them into their grandfather's dilapidated home in a poor neighborhood and makes them do something none of them have ever done before... work.


Directed by Gaz Alazraki (La Hora Cero, written by Guillermo Arriaga). Starring Gonzalo Vega, Luis Gerardo Mendez (Viento en contra), Karla Souza (I Brake For Gringos) & Juan Pablo Gil (Malaventura).

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