Today We Fix The World

Comedy | Family | 2021 | ARG | 113 mins

Ariel Winograd

Cast: Leonardo Sbaraglia,


David Samaras (45), known to everyone by his nickname 'el Griego' (the Greek) , is the general producer of the popular talk show 'Today We Fix The World ', where supposedly ordinary people settle relationship conflicts with their partners, friends, workmates, parents, and children. El Griego is single and has never had a lasting relationship. His most enduring bond is with his 9-year-old son Benito, the fruit of a brief fling. Joined more by a legal obligation than affection, Simón always has the feeling that Benito is something of a burden in his life. The whole situation is turned on its head when in the middle of a major row with Benito's mother Silvina, he finds out that Benito isn't really his son. Shortly after this bombshell, Silvina dies. El Griego takes this as the coup de grace in his tenuous relationship with Benito and decides to tell him the truth: he isn't his father. Benito asks him to do one last thing for him: - 'Help me find my real dad.' The search will lead them to a dilemma far greater than the one they set out to deal with.

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