Drama | Suspense | 2022 | Spain | 90min

Estefania Cortes

Cast: Charlotte Vega (Wrong Turn; The Bookshop), Ramon Barea (Rosa’s Wedding), Marta Nieto (Madre; The Ministry of Time), Israel Elejalde (Parallel Mothers)


Four strangers come to Eden, a clandestine company in the middle of nature, to put an end to everything that torments them. Marina, a young woman broken by guilt, turns to this center to leave behind a tragic episode that marked her past. Felix, a sick man who is distancing himself from his loved ones, tries to help her, support her and encourage her to recover her life. Lidia, direct and brave, because of her past experiences and circumstances, wants Marina to find the path that she has been denied so many times. For Victor, Eden is the only way to stop making others suffer. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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